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Once upon a time I use to roll my smoking mix in rolling papers, which was fine but for those who struggle to roll a joint it can be very annoying to get right.Before I found bongs online for sale I use to make home made bongs, but they are very unapealing and start to smell really badly. Besides that, it is looks like you are into hard drugs! It looks very much like a crack pipe. So for that reason I strongly suggest you buy bongs online rather than attempt to make your own. The history of the bong is a mixed tale and it is hard to know what to believe, but just like evolution the bong evolved from general smoking pipes! Some great examples at herbtools ca While glass pipes are also a nice and easy way to smoke, they just don't provide a nice clean, smooth smoke due to the lack of water chamber.

When browsing bongs online you might notice the range of glass pipes and bubblers, these are the perfect combination between smoking pipes and bongs. You get the smooth taste of the smoke after it is purified with water and also the compact size of the smoking pipe, which makes storing it out the way nice and easy.

There is not much of a price difference between bongs and bubblers so what you buy is really going to be up to your own personal preference. Some great examples of these bongs can be found at places online, most of these shops also sell concentrate rigs. I have always purchased bongs over bubblers due to how much smoke you can fit in a bong when compared to the bubbler pipe.

I think it really just depends on your preference. If you have the budget you could even buy both of them, I have a nice collection myself which I have grown over the last couple of years. If you look hard enough you can buy these products for way less than you might expect, I love to jump on the head shops that have a good sale on.

Smoking might be fun, but please read this.

Because there aren't many head shops to pick from it can be a good idea to join the newsletter, that way you can normally get emails to find out when the big sales are on. Get some great ideas on which bong to purchase at

Smoking over Edibles

Not many people take advantage of edibles it I feel it is a huge shame. Whilst people do often know that they can use their herbs in edible form rather than smoke, they do not investigate and often stick to what they know. I think it is a shame that more people do not look into edibles, some users not even leave the roll up and aren't interested in using bongs, bubblers or pipes. Remember the damage smoking does.

So many different sizes for the joints and stems, many different names for the shape of the overall pipe too! I didn't let it confuse me too much, I just went for what looked nice and appealed to me.

I did google up a few names that they were described with such as 'percolator' and 'diffuser', it turns out these are just little extrs parts located inside the bongs. The prices were really high so I didn't bother, I got a nice classic clear glass with a large water pipe with chamber.

I really can't wait for this pipe to show up at my door!  but I am not looking forwards to that delivery vibe and wait! My last water pipe was made from plastic and I cant remember how much I paid, but I got my moneys worth for sure. As said, I had it for over 5 years! Bongs can be used for legal herbs, not just weed.

The best place to buy bongs online is a company who cares until you are satisfied. Sure, plenty of bong shops out there offer bongs for sale at competitive prices but as soon as they dispatch the order they are done caring. So that brings me back around to my original thought; what is the best place to buy bongs online?

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